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This blog is all about Music, Sports, Fashion, & Food! I want the world to know that girls/women can love sports and food as much as men do and be fashionable while doing it. Also, I'm a Country singer so of course I’m going to spread my gift of voice, as well.

Have you ever been away from home and wanted something you couldn’t have?

Well, that was me when I moved to LA. I absolutely love food so being able to cope with my cravings is almost impossible.

I’m from Texas and everyone knows that everything is bigger and better in Texas! ;) That saying goes for the ice cream as well. Since living in LA, I have tried the raved-about Thrifty’s ice cream and Diddy Riese. Although I do like those options, they just can’t compare to Blue Bell Ice Cream. It’s rich, creamy and like no other. It literally melts in your mouth with every bite.

Where to find Blue Bell Ice Cream in LA

When I first moved here, I thought it would be impossible to find. Until one day I was driving down the street and spotted that beautiful, brown cow. I almost had a fit!! I searched and searched for parking (because that’s what you do in LA) and I made my way into the store. The sign was real. I FOUND BLUE BELL ICE CREAM...IN LOS ANGELES!!!

Whipp’d LA in West Hollywood made my dreams come true!

I know I can’t be the only one searching for Blue Bell, so I decided to share their location with you! They used to be on Fairfax and Santa Monica, but they recently moved to Highland. I’ll drop the address below for you to enjoy the amazing ice cream from Blue Bell.

Whipp’d LA 1429 N Highland Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028

Click the pic below to check out my YouTube channel & share in my experience!

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