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Disney World x Poshmark

How I found awesome shorts for my trip to Disney World.

I must first start by saying my reasoning for taking a trip to Disney World. I graduated from THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA!!!! However, I will talk about that journey on a future post.

Now, back to shopping and grubbing! When I decided I wanted to celebrate at Disney World, I knew exactly where I would be able to find the perfect shorts, Poshmark. I had previously been searching on the internet for something I liked and found them, but it was going to take too long to ship to me from overseas. So, I went on a little Poshmark Search. I can always find stylish items for a great price. This search was no different.

The Withered Denim ‘Mickey Mouse’ shorts I had scoped on google were gleaming with a heavenly glow on, you guessed it, POSHMARK, and they were only $23! I quickly snagged them before anyone else could get them. SOLD, to the soon-to-be University of Florida graduate. I was so excited I kept checking every day for their arrival.

They finally arrived a few days later and fit like a glove. Now, I was ready for my trip to the happiest place on Earth. The day came and my Disney World outfit was perfect. I wore my Fila ‘Mindblower‘ sneakers with my Minnie Mouse cap, a red off the shoulder top, and my perfect Mickey Mouse shorts from Poshmark.

Although it rained, I had such an amazing time with my family. Somehow, the rain actually made the trip more fun because we had never experienced Disney World in the rain and we did not expect to rain so hard. The rain wasn’t going to stop me from grubbing! I decided to try Sleepy Hollow‘s Sweet and Spicy Chicken and Waffle Sandwich.

The way the sandwich taste is definitely in the name. The waffle is very sweet, but is balanced with the spicy chicken cutlet and a broccoli and carrot slaw. It was so good that I declined my sister’s request to taste it.

I mean, why make me share?!! The sandwich was the perfect combination of savory and sweet

I had such a magical time this time around. I don’t what it was that Disney World changed about the fireworks show, but I actually felt like a little kid again while watching it.

After the fun was done and I landed back in LA, there was only one thing left to do. Resell my shorts on Poshmark!! That’s the beauty of Poshmark. I was able to buy the perfect shorts, wear them, and resell them for more than I paid, all on the same platform. It’s like I got paid to wear them. I bought them for $23 and sold them for $30! The best part about the deal was that I sold them to a girl who was also going to Disney World. This is the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but with Mickey Mouse shorts. I hope she sells them to someone else who is going to Disney World!!

You can catch the full experience on my YouTube channel:


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